Our ethical policy

Nuxe draws on the power of a prodigious Nature that reveals each woman's unique beauty.

Nuxe is committed to respecting ethical policies that protect the beauty of Nature and of women.

Our commitments
to nature

Eco-friendly jars

Reduce our impact on the environment by creating exclusive eco-friendly jars that each year save the equivalent of 41 years of the average French person's water consumption(1), spare 1,404 trees(2) and prevent car emissions equivalent to 170 trips around the world(3).

Plant-based inks

Use plant-based inks and paper from sustainably managed forests for our packaging and brochures.

Recycling our waste

Reduce and manage our recycling depending on waste type.


Optimize biodegradability as much as possible by making the formulas of all our products 'rinse-off' and therefore easily biodegradable.


Work to protect the environment by investing in bee preservation and sponsoring pesticide-free hives in the Vosges region of France.


Support the construction of water production plants in Cambodia and research projects into improving water quality with the NGO 1001 Fontaines.

Our eco-friendly
active ingredients

Macadamia oil

We source the majority of our macadamia nuts from Guatemala where our supplier is committed to helping the local community, with a particular focus on projects that improve access to healthcare, education and drinking water. We use macadamia oil in a number of products, including Huile Prodigieuse®.

Hyaluronic acid

We use 100% natural hyaluronic acid. The waste generated during production passes through a water treatment plant before being spread locally. We use the acid in a number of Nuxe products including Nuxellence®.

Saffron and bougainvillea
bi-floral cells

Our cells come from a fully ecological production process that only requires a very small quantity of original plants, avoiding unnecessary picking. We use the cells in the Nuxuriance® Ultra range.

Daylily oleoactive

We use an oleo eco-extraction process. We don't use solvents or chemicals, which helps preserve the environment. We use the oleoactive in the Merveillance® expert range.

Our commitments
to women

Nuxe is committed to making all customers look and feel beautiful, and skillfully formulates its products to high standards. We do not use parabens, mineral oils, substances of animal origin(4) or plastic micro-beads(5) and we guarantee all our products are of high quality, made in France, not tested on animals and comply with the regulations in force.

(1)An average French household consumes 137 liters of water every day. Source http://planetoscope.com/consommation-eau/243-litres-d-eau-consommes-par-un-francais.html. (2) Based on the premise that 20 trees are needed to produce one ton of cardboard: http://www.ecoresponsabilite.ademe.fr/n/les-enjeux-du-papier/n:290.(3)Home to work emission factors based on the type of journey by kilometer (mainland France) in carbon equivalent grams on a combined cycle = CO2e 69.9 g. Bilan Carbone. Guide des facteurs d'émissions. V5. 2007.(4)Excluding bee products.(5)In rinsed products.

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