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Protecting bees

NUXE takes action with
the Louvre Museum

NUXE and the Louvre commit
to protecting bees

For a period of 3 years, NUXE is joining forces with the largest museum in the world to support a sustainable development project of particular concern to them both: protecting bees.

For several years, NUXE has been taking steps to protect this threatened species. This concern is shared by the Louvre, whose Jardins des Tuileries is a real green haven in the heart of the French capital and a refuge for bees.

The imperial symbolism of the bee, dating back to Napoleonic times, also makes them part of the history of the Louvre, where they feature on several external walls and in many works. 

To find out more about the Louvre's commitment, click here: http://presse.louvre.fr/domaine-des-tuileries

NUXE's beehives
in the Jardins des Tuileries


For the first time, the Louvre is opening the gates of the Jardin Raffet,
just a short walk from the Pont des Arts bridge, to create, with NUXE’s support,
a floral meadow of 1,250 square metres and 6 beehives for pollen-gathering bees.

The location is ideal. Bees gather pollen within a radius of 2 kilometres of their hive,
which means they can buzz freely around the 23 hectares of the Tuileries Garden.

Protection of bees,
a major environmental issue

Bees represent an essential link in preservation of biodiversity and their disappearance would have dramatic consequences for the environment.

These hard-working insects play a central role in plants’ reproductive cycle. Their pollination work allows vegetation to grow again.

By installing their beehives in the heart of the French capital, NUXE and the Louvre Museum are seeking to make a contribution to environmental issues.

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